His first solo album was titled "Planet X" and was released in 1999. Now, another great member of the all-time Fusion Hall of Fame has entered the gates of Sherinian, so expectations were really high for this one. I would like to say that the album's redeeming feature is it's lack of vocals, but alas, the final track also heralds the return of Zack Wilde sneezing into the microphone. The Sons Of Anu 07:10 03. Ground Zero 06:03 09. The Fury 00:52 02. On "Oceana", the jazz and fusion style is pushed to the foreground, leaving only traces of his famous brand of prog-metal. Primal Eleven 07:58 04. Deseret Morning News and FindArticles. He recorded the spacey, metallic jazz rock album in collaboration with drummer Virgil DONATI. The songs are light, there's not much of a nod to metal at all on the album - but they are really energetic and pack a punch. SHERINIAN plays in a style very akin to a guitar playing, often turning his keyboard at a reflexive angle as so he can play like a guitar.

This was followed finally by the genesis of his solo career. In 1994, SHERINIAN was called by his former schoolmates John PETRUCCI, John MYUNG, and Mike PORTNOY to ask him to replace former keyboardist Kevin MOORE during their 1994 "Waking up the World" tour in support of their third studio album "Awake. He cites influences ranging from Jan HAMMER to Keith EMERSON to Steve VAI and Alan HOLDSWORTH. For Black Utopia, three new faces joined Sherinian's group: bassist , rock guitarist , and guitarist. His first solo album was titled "Planet X" and was released in 1999. Zakk Wylde officially "patched" Sherinian in as President of the Black Label Society Burbank Chapter. Seu álbum seguinte, Mythology, de 2004, é outro álbum excelente, no mesmo nível de Black Utopia e tem como novidade as presenças dos guitarristas John Sykes ex- Tygers Of Pan Tang, e e Allan Holdsworth. The band's performance of "" featured an extended improvisation between Sherinian, Rudess, and guitarist. It's a really great track, but sadly a sole highlight for Molecular Heinosity.

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Para que impôr regras na música? It's quite exhilarating at times, but interesting? Sherinian cites Van Halen's guitar playing as having a direct influence on his aggressive unique approach to keyboards in terms of technique as well as tone; his unique signature lead patches contain numerous elements of guitar sounds such as distortion, harmonics, and palm-muting, eventually leading to playing a gig with Eddie for a party at Van Halen's home in 2006, of which Sherinian said "It was the highlight of my career, it was completely surreal. O disco seguinte, Molecular Heinosity, de 2009, focou no Progressive Metal e foi muito bem e marcou o retorno de Virgil Donati, nas três primeiras faixas. Many often feature famous guest musicians that he'd toured with. Space Martini 03:47 10. O Metallica foi fundado em 19... Contando com um time de músicos virtuosos, formado por Brett Garsed guitarra , Tony Franklin baixo e Virgil Donati bateria , o disco chamaria atenção de instrumentistas e fãs por todo o mundo, com sua mistura e Jazz-Fusion e Rock Progressivo. The Bad: Oceana is a very consistent album with nine great compositions.

Derek Sherinian nasceu em 25 de agosto de 1966 em Laguna Beach, Califórnia. Ghost Runner 04:53 06. El Camino Diablo 05:07 07. Seriously, if you are familiar with Planet X or Derek's solo stuff, but wished he'd do a real jazz-fusion album, this is it. Space Martini 03:47 10. El Flamingo Suave 04:54 05. Every track here is high quality modern fusion, with great soulful guitar, nice keyboard sounds and solos, but also fast technical stuff that occasionally reminds me of fusion bands like Tribal Tech, Jan Hammer Group, or Return To Forever. It's quite exhilarating at times, but interesting?

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